Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My new website and new adventures

 The start of www.facebook.com/ponycarTR

Many of you have noticed recently that I have been posting video of car going around race track on social media. Allow me to explain. First, this idea has been brewing for sometime and after chatting with a few people I finally decided to pull the trigger on this idea. I have created a page and purchased the domain name www.ponycarTR.com which is short for Pony Car Track Rats. This site and page will be 100% dedicated to the people who take their pony cars to the track and use them for their intended purpose. Many of you also know that after a few years of waiting, I finally purchased the car I wanted...a white 2015 Camaro Z/28. During this time I lurked around the Z/28 section of the camaro forum and I noticed something...no regular forum bullshit. The people roaming the Z/28 forum were much more down to earth, and also understand the operation of a car at the limit. Now, of course not all Z/28 owners are track warriors, but the car itself takes a certain type of person to own and I noticed these people were like minded to myself. Over time I started lurking the 1LE forums and even the sections of mustang forums where GT350 people reside..I noticed this commonality there too. Thus, ponycarTR.com was born, which is a place for track day enthusiasts can reside and share experience, video, data, and feedback for other enthusiasts. So what sets me apart? Well, it is in the title...it is exclusively for Pony Car Track Rats..ie..people who own a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger and are using them on the track. I want this to be the center of attention when it comes to pony car track enthusiasts. Eventually I hope to expand into hosting track day events for such enthusiasts, but in due time. For now, I hope everyone enjoys the future videos and blog coming your way.

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