Monday, March 23, 2015

I love to travel in my car!

  I love to travel! It doesn't really matter where I am going, I just love hitting the road. I realized a long time ago that the best place for me to' be alone and think or clear my mind is out on the road. A person like myself doesn't look at driving the way a normal person does. It is a combination of being away from everyday life, and being alone with 'my machine'. Sometimes it is a long ride, and other times it is a short ride, but all the same a ride. Sometimes I take on a cruise partner, which this time was my fiance. While it does cut in on my alone time, it also brings out a time where we can be alone from everyday life and just chat about OUR life..more on that later.
  Now I mentioned briefly why I love to drive but a more detailed description, I feel, is in order here. I do not view driving like most people do, I like to feel and hear the road. I know what sound my vehicle will make, and why it makes it. I can tell immediately when a new noise has come along, that affects the normal hum of my machine. To be cliche, I try to become one with the car, and let it do the work. In the event that action needs to be taken, my driving skill can take hold, the rest is up to the car. A lot of people can look at my car and say that it isn't much, but it is MINE. For me it isn't about the type of car, it is the experiences you have in the car. I would not trade my car for anything on this planet, because nothing can replace the places I have been in that car, and the memories I have made getting there and back.
  I have traveled several places, but lately the most frequent are to and from: Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and Baton Rouge. Every place I go has a unique value to it, and each provides a certain level time I can get into my 'zone' and take the edge off. I often visit my parents in Ft Worth, and I love that drive (most of it anyway). It is a 6 hour stint, and the first three are filled with back roads and twists and turns through the small towns and can give your arms some exercise. The last 3 are a straight shot to DFW. Driving to Austin is about a 5 hour stint and the first 2 are going through Houston, which isnt awesome all the time, but that last three hours are open road through the country! Baton Rouge is a short 3 hour stint, where my fiance and I frequent for an overnight stay, mostly to eat at a restaurant we love. In a 100 percent straight shot down I-10 and is mostly a brisk cruise, unless you get cited for speed like I did this past trip..oops.
  The point here is, that sometimes you don't need yoga or workouts to relieve your stress, sometimes you just need a cruise in your car. Or maybe that is just me?

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  1. How sleek! It seems that you’re one of those men who are emotionally attached to their cars. Hahaha! Anyway, sometimes, it's better to travel alone, with just the company of your car, where you'll get to relax and diminish your stress. In any way, I know you love your car so much, and that you're enjoying every bit of moment you drive on it. Thanks for sharing that, Marcus! All the best to you!

    Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto