Thursday, July 11, 2013

The blue collar truck

A few nights ago I posted a picture of a brand new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, and called it the working mans luxury sedan. Allow me to make my point more clear.

In todays world, the fact is, most people earn a living for a few different, but select reasons. You earn a living to provide for your family, pay your bills, buy a house, buy a car, and have some left over to have fun with. That is after all the American dream to most people, to be comfortable and be free to do things you want to do. A simple google search or reading a book will reveal that buying a new car has always been apart of the "modern" way of life. Whether it be as a reward for hard work or just to show off to your friends (keeping up with the jones reference here), a brand new car is a nice way to show you've finally achieved your goals. A celebrity buys another high end model, a business man buys a new luxury car, a family buys their high school graduate a new 4 door gas saver for college, and a do it all parent buys a new mini-van. Then there is the blue collar worker...

The blue collar worker buys a truck, a truck that does it all. This truck will go from working in a field to dinner in his Sunday best, later that day. It's a unique group of people that see a brand new truck, and it feels like that ultra luxury sedan to them. Where a Doctor buys a new Mercedes, this man buys a new truck and to him, that IS a new Mercedes. It will do everything the above vehicles do, and then some. It will haul a tractor, then kids, then the Mrs to dinner. Around here, you grow up wanting a brand new truck. Our dad had trucks, our friends had trucks, our grandfather had trucks, and a lot of people around in general have a truck. The truck is a do it all machine, some things that other vehicles  cant do, or at least weren't equipped for it. Does this man want or have a sports car too? Sure. Does he have a nice sedan also? Sure. I'm one of the enthusiast driven people myself. I want a new Camaro, a Corvette, an old muscle car, a nice Cadillac. But nothing will ever take the place of the truck, and it will most likely get used the most. There is nothing like the smile on a man or womans face, when they pull up to the store in a brand new truck, and you say "nice truck".

More often than not, around here, when you see a nice new pickup and the owner smiles like that, he is seeing that truck for what it is. It is his luxury sedan, his sports car, his children hauler, vacation mobile, trailer tower, his driveway ornament, but above all his pride and joy.

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