Monday, July 8, 2013

Maybe it's the little things...

It's no big secret that my ultimate goal is to become a productive employee of General Motors one day. As a life long GM enthusiast, it would be a dream come true to not only work amongst my passion of cars but, at the brand that I am loyal too. I'll admit that I may be way over doing it, but I am also trying to take tiny steps to aid in finding a job with GM. Obviously my mechanical experience working on cars could come in handy, but there are a few other areas I decided to dabble in to hopefully be a more appealing candidate at some point.

1) Trying to learn a programming language is by no means easy, but surely won't hurt. GM opened brand new IT centers in a few various cities, and is looking for numerous programmers. I figure if I can teach myself the basics it can only help.

2) Not only for a prospective job, but also for myself, learning to draw. For the entire span of my recognizable life, I have been a terrible drawer. I am trying to change that, not only for myself but, wouldn't it be more appealing if I could draw on paper, the designs of a part I see in my head. What happens if I were to be elected to an engineering position in charge of designing a car. I could bridge the gap between drafters and engineers, a daunting task indeed.

Maybe it's summer time boredom, lacking the chaos of the school semester. But, I would like to be as well rounded as possible, and attempting to learn new things is something I enjoy. So books on the subjects are piling in the Amazon account, and nickel and diming my back account.

The hopeful factory test driver! :)

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