Friday, June 7, 2013

The long haul to...enjoyment!

I should say,  multitude of hauls actually. As a car nut and racing fan, it is important to me that I hit all major events on a "car nuts" list of to-do's as well as see all the racing events I've  always wanted to go to. Money is always an issue for lots of people, and a broke college student(me) is no different. So sometimes these events and races seem impossible to attend, but what started with a Daytona Nascar race in 2010 has veered me on the path of realizing the dreams I have of attending these things.

I consider these events and races as a two part deal, the process and the event. The race or event, is just that. I want to attend every major auto event in the U.S., things like the Concours d'elegance, hot rod power tour, north american auto show, the list goes on for days(or scrolls forever if you look at my bookmarks on my laptop). Something I have wanted to since i was around 9 or so, was attend a Nascar race, and in 2010 I got the luxury of doing so (with the help from a few friends, you know who you are!!). Next up was a Formula 1 race at the new circuit in Austin, TX, which I attended with one of my best friends and fellow car/racing geek. This year it will be an American Le Mans Series race, which is also a huge check mark on the life goal list!

But equally important is the process, as I call it, of getting to the event. There is nothing quite like a long car ride to think, talk to myself, and experience my surroundings through my windshield. Yes, I love the outdoors, and enjoy a breath of fresh air as much as the next guy. However, I do and always will, enjoy driving much more than anything else. I don't have a fun hotrod to cruise around anymore, but my HHR means more to me than any of those cars ever could have. It's the car my girlfriend and i  have gone on all our dates in. It's the car that has gotten me to and from school to earn an education. The car that gets me to my job to earn money.  And appropriate for the article, the car that has gotten me to the events and races I am writing about now. In a perfect life, I will have all my toys again, my go fast cars, my nice truck, and a sweet private jet(surely), but I plan to always have this little car. The things I have experienced in this car, and things that are still TO BE experienced in this car, cannot be replaced. Would it be cool to do the power tour in a hot rod one day? Of course! But in my opinion doing that long haul in my HHR would be better. One day when I have a garage full of nice cars and trucks and people see them, I want to also have my HHR in the garage. I want to tell people all the things I did in the car and all the places I went. When I plan to attend some automotive event, I dont find the best flight and rental car package online, I google map a route and plan accordingly.

As the old saying goes: "Getting there is half the fun"

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