Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So I've been reading books lately...

I added a few more book to my Camaro collection this summer, and am done with 3, partly through another, and 3 more on fedex for tomorrow.

1) "Camaro Z28 is back!" by Walter J. Banacki. The book is pretty short, but detailed how the Z28 made a comeback in 1977. A story of how engineers, designers, testers, and managers all came together on a huge time crunch to produce a new Z28 after being away from buyers for a couple of years. The book is a pretty good read, if you want to hear what all goes into to producing a car for the "driving enthusiast" as opposed to a Camaro everybody else has.

2) "Camaro Classics" by Publications international. Another short book, mostly pictures with brief paragraphs about each car. An automotive version of a childs book, but what initially drew me to the book was the pictures. On one page is a full page classic ad that you would have seen for a Camaro in that year.
 3) "Camaro: five generations of performance" by Darwin Holmstrom. Another year by year, model by model breakdown of every Camaro, but this one includes the current 5th generation Camaro.

4) Current book, "Camaro Z28 and performance specials" by Jason Scott. This is your run of the mill model by model, year by year detail book of every performance Camaro, namely SS's and Z28's. I have a couple of these book already, but some have details in then that others do not.

On order: "Camaro: a legend reborn", a book about how the 5th gen Camaro came to be. "Camaro: an American icon" basically a big picture book of beautiful Camaros. Lastly, a book simply called "Camaro" by Jim Dietzler. I have no clue what this book is going to be like, so it will be a surprise.

When that fedex box gets here tomorrow, my collection of Camaro books will be 9 books total. 7 of them are normal books, 2 on my tablet. It seems a little excessive, but like I said, some books have different material in them than others (though the rest of the book may be re-hash of a different book). They are all fun to read, and after all, it is the car I am most passionate about. I read a lot of car magazines, and one "success magazine" as I call it, that is "Heavy Hitters" . But nothing takes the cake like a good ole fashioned car mag. On a long boring work night, or if I'm simply strapped for cash and have to stay at home, I should have enough car books to get me by.

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