Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My passion

It's no big secret to most, that my passion is automobiles and racing. I grew up as a car nerd, and still am today. The guy that sits on the couch and carefully watches every play of every football game, that is me but with racing substituted in. I do like other sports, just not as much as racing. In general though, my passion is for all things automotive. I don't like cars the way normal people like cars, I view them from a completely different perspective. First thing's first, I'll be up front, I am a "General Motors guy". In families like mine, you grow up around a certain brand of vehicles and for us it was the blue GM logo. Now when a normal person sees a brand new car, say a Corvette, they see bright shiny sports car that everyone turns their heads to look at. I eventually see that, but at first, I don't. My eyes will usually dart from spot to spot locating things I find appealing that your average driver doesn't concern themselves with. This goes for any car, not just a corvette, so some of this varies between makes and models because obviously a Honda won't have carbon brakes like a Corvette ZR1 does. My initial reaction when viewing a car for the first time: What brakes does it have? Carbon ceramic? Steel rotor with semi-metallic pads? What tires? Does direct sunlight reveal swirls or random scratches? DO they take care of it? Is it clean? How easy would it be to replace a particular part? And so on. I don't stop at the pretty face, I see what is behind it.

From my viewpoint, there are three types of drivers, and subsequently 3 types of cars. There is a normal person, an enthusiast, and a driver. You can be an enthusiast and a driver, but not a normal person and either of the other two.  A normal person does not concern themselves with what an enthusiast does or what a "driver" does. Personally, I am both an enthusiast/driver, I enjoy all things automotive but still pine for cars that are for the driver, not just the enthusiast. Example, an old Dodge Viper is a drivers car. It's lack of modern "help me not kill myself" technology is what it makes it such a car. The control is solely placed on the driver and how much he is in touch with his car.

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