Friday, June 14, 2013

A sentence sets the tone...

Funny how hearing just a sentence out of a paragraph that someone says, can get you thinking. Cruising home from work tonight, I heard comedian Chris Titus say this:

"Some of you in this room are successful because at some point, someone told you, you were a loser. SO you busted your ass, became successful just to cram those words right back down there throat"

For some that is true. Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up with a nice support group around them. I have a loving and supporting family that guide me through the best and worst, life has to dish. I have a nice support group of friends that keep me sane, when I feel like I am about to go insane! But for those few people I have come across, that are not supportive of my vision for myself, just keep watching me.

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