Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Brake fluid comparison chart

Before clicking on this link it is important to note that I am not in any way affiliated with lelandwest.com. They do not sponsor this site, nor contribute. I came across this comparison chart while doing my own research, and the writer kindly agreed to let me share it.  Use at your discretion. Any and all credit is due to lelandwest.com and the writer Matt Robertson for this article, I am just passing helpful information along.

Below you will find a pretty good chart comparing different aftermarket brake fluid types and brands. Read your owners manual, it will indicate the specifications they prefer you to use (temp ratings etc). The author goes into detail about what these specifications mean. Really good article to have handy when choosing your fluid.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Tire temperature track day advice

Before clicking on this link it is important to note that I am not in any way affiliated with Fluke. They do not sponsor this site, nor contribute. I have had this article saved in my favorites and see it as a good article for tips about Pyrometers and tire temperature while on the track. Use at your discretion. Any and all credit is due to Fluke for this article, I am just passing helpful information along.

Below you will find a pretty good article about tire temp while on the track and how it affects your car. 


Monday, April 10, 2017

What is the trinity?

Well, lets start this next post with a question. If time and money allowed, what 3 tracks would you run? 
While it is very hard to narrow it down to 'just' 3, I have given this a lot of thought over time. I would have to list my 3 as Sebring, Laguna, and COTA. Sebring and Laguna are probably pretty obvious, the heritage, the pedigree..it all speaks for itself. Going to Sebring and running on the same course that some of the absolute greatest drivers to ever live...that is a memory for a lifetime. Running a car down the cork screw at Laguna would be a close second, and again some of the greats have raced there. Circuit of the Americas (COTA) would probably come first, as I consider it my home track (even though I live in Michigan now). First F1 race I went to was there, first Le mans race I went to was there. When that track was built it opened up a whole new world for me, to be able to see the series' I had always wanted to see. So to run that track in my own car would be spectacular, I certainly intend to make that happen.

Honorable mentions: Lime rock, Road Atlanta, Road America, and DEFINITELY Watkins Glen.

What the tracks would make up your "trinity" ?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My new website and new adventures

 The start of www.facebook.com/ponycarTR

Many of you have noticed recently that I have been posting video of car going around race track on social media. Allow me to explain. First, this idea has been brewing for sometime and after chatting with a few people I finally decided to pull the trigger on this idea. I have created a page and purchased the domain name www.ponycarTR.com which is short for Pony Car Track Rats. This site and page will be 100% dedicated to the people who take their pony cars to the track and use them for their intended purpose. Many of you also know that after a few years of waiting, I finally purchased the car I wanted...a white 2015 Camaro Z/28. During this time I lurked around the Z/28 section of the camaro forum and I noticed something...no regular forum bullshit. The people roaming the Z/28 forum were much more down to earth, and also understand the operation of a car at the limit. Now, of course not all Z/28 owners are track warriors, but the car itself takes a certain type of person to own and I noticed these people were like minded to myself. Over time I started lurking the 1LE forums and even the sections of mustang forums where GT350 people reside..I noticed this commonality there too. Thus, ponycarTR.com was born, which is a place for track day enthusiasts can reside and share experience, video, data, and feedback for other enthusiasts. So what sets me apart? Well, it is in the title...it is exclusively for Pony Car Track Rats..ie..people who own a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger and are using them on the track. I want this to be the center of attention when it comes to pony car track enthusiasts. Eventually I hope to expand into hosting track day events for such enthusiasts, but in due time. For now, I hope everyone enjoys the future videos and blog coming your way.

Spread the word

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The last 10 months went like this...

So here is how my last year has gone….
Do me a favor and check out some of my older blogs, this will make a lot more sense if you have the background on why I am where I am. So as of 10 months ago I live in Michigan, the Star Wars equivalent of a galaxy far, far away…from Texas. A couple of previous events first though.
So in August 2015 I finally graduated college, with a Mechanical Engineering degree. For the love of Christmas that shit is hard, and I am glad it is over…but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the challenge, I enjoyed thinking about how much better my life will be when I get out, and I made friends whom I will never be able to forget. That piece of paper means a lot to me, and it has nothing to do with how smart I am. That diploma, in a picture frame buried somewhere in crap I still haven’t unpacked means that I had it in me every day to get up and go. When I got there I tried as hard as I could, I gave it everything I had, I went to work for 8 hours and went home. When I got home at 10pm, I did homework and I studied. When I got to class to take a test I failed it, but I got back up the next day and did it all over again until I didn’t fail. Three words- “Rise and Grind” – and I did it every..damn..day.
Shortly before that, I got married. I got married to someone who was more than a girlfriend. She was more than a woman who lived with me. She was more than someone who I spent time with. She was patient. Patient because every day I couldn’t hang out, or watch TV, or go out to eat, or go to her friends place to hang out. She lived with me during college and I would go days at a time without even seeing her. She was patient, and that is what is matters most. She knew I was doing this to eventually make our lives better.

Now that I am out of school, I live in Michigan and I work for General Motors. This is where reading my older blogs come in handy. If you have read some of them, you will know that working here is my dream. I knew a long time ago that the only place in this world for me to work is in the automotive industry. This industry is vast, but working around my preferred brand of choice makes it even sweeter. Sweeter than that is how I got here in the first place. I worked an internship over a summer, and spent all my money to fly up to Detroit and get a hotel for a week. I got into a career fair and did whatever it took to get an interview with GM, among a sea of other students wanting the same thing from the companies at the fair. Out of 100 companies I talked to 1, I blew off the other 99. Why? I knew what I wanted, and that was to work for GM. I went for broke, and got it done. I flew home at the end of the week with a job offer in my pocket.

Years ago, and I mean YEARS ago… my Aunt Lupe (who used to take me to school) told me in the car…”If you put as much time into school as you do those car magazines, you’ll get pretty far in life” That isn’t made up, that isn’t a bullshit feel good story. That is real. I remember what street we were on, what was on the radio, I remember what happened that day in school.  I remember that day like it was a couple of hours ago. That quote stuck, did I understand? Not really. I didn’t really even care what she was saying. As the years went by and I mean..YEARS…it became more clear to me what she was saying. Funny how that works, a few years ago in class I got made fun of for wanting to work for GM. Why would I leave the oil and gas industry for a flailing auto industry? Because its what I wanted to do. I put too much time into this to ‘settle’ for something I didn’t want. You know that saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”, its true… I am living my dream, and it is hard to believe I get paid to do it. I walked a long road to get here, and still almost a year later sometimes I look around outside or at the store and just get taken back. It is hard to imagine that I got all the way to Michigan, I don’t live in Texas anymore. I miss it, of course I miss my home…Texas will always be home. I miss my friends, and family..and the food. The time I spend in reflection always ends up the same, I made it here by working my ass off. I had to be pushed a lot, I needed help, I had to be talked out of quitting on my dream. When it was all said and done, I made it. Now I live far away from home and the journey here was crazy and amazing.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hitting the 150k mile mark!

Today my beloved car reached a major milestone, 150,000 miles! A lot of these miles were very hard earned, and a lot were everyday trips back and forth to school. I truly do hope this car will give me another 150,000 miles, and with how I maintain it, it should. Which leads me to my topic: maintenance. I treat my car like a king, because without my car I cannot do what I do. This car must take me to school first and foremost. This car also gets me to vacation spots, races, family visits, and more. Anyone who knows me well, knows my car gets what I consider to be the very best of everything. I use nothing but OEM replacement parts, premium 93 octance gas, and good oil (mobil 1). I do not have the means to do major repairs anymore, but I only allow my car to be worked on my trusted mechanics. This is all in the name of maintaining my vehicle to last as long as it possibly can. It is hard to remember doing things in anything else other than my car. I can still remember how excited I was to have a brand new vehicle, back in 2007. I can also remember how angry I was when someone hit my car, twice, both requiring repairs. Now although it does show some signs of wear and tear, especially from the school parking lot, it just adds to the layer of love.

Treat your car well, and it will treat you well.

Monday, March 23, 2015

I love to travel in my car!

  I love to travel! It doesn't really matter where I am going, I just love hitting the road. I realized a long time ago that the best place for me to' be alone and think or clear my mind is out on the road. A person like myself doesn't look at driving the way a normal person does. It is a combination of being away from everyday life, and being alone with 'my machine'. Sometimes it is a long ride, and other times it is a short ride, but all the same a ride. Sometimes I take on a cruise partner, which this time was my fiance. While it does cut in on my alone time, it also brings out a time where we can be alone from everyday life and just chat about OUR life..more on that later.
  Now I mentioned briefly why I love to drive but a more detailed description, I feel, is in order here. I do not view driving like most people do, I like to feel and hear the road. I know what sound my vehicle will make, and why it makes it. I can tell immediately when a new noise has come along, that affects the normal hum of my machine. To be cliche, I try to become one with the car, and let it do the work. In the event that action needs to be taken, my driving skill can take hold, the rest is up to the car. A lot of people can look at my car and say that it isn't much, but it is MINE. For me it isn't about the type of car, it is the experiences you have in the car. I would not trade my car for anything on this planet, because nothing can replace the places I have been in that car, and the memories I have made getting there and back.
  I have traveled several places, but lately the most frequent are to and from: Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and Baton Rouge. Every place I go has a unique value to it, and each provides a certain level time I can get into my 'zone' and take the edge off. I often visit my parents in Ft Worth, and I love that drive (most of it anyway). It is a 6 hour stint, and the first three are filled with back roads and twists and turns through the small towns and can give your arms some exercise. The last 3 are a straight shot to DFW. Driving to Austin is about a 5 hour stint and the first 2 are going through Houston, which isnt awesome all the time, but that last three hours are open road through the country! Baton Rouge is a short 3 hour stint, where my fiance and I frequent for an overnight stay, mostly to eat at a restaurant we love. In a 100 percent straight shot down I-10 and is mostly a brisk cruise, unless you get cited for speed like I did this past trip..oops.
  The point here is, that sometimes you don't need yoga or workouts to relieve your stress, sometimes you just need a cruise in your car. Or maybe that is just me?